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Probate Law

Probate Attorney for the Anchorage, AK, Area

By consulting with a professional probate attorney in Anchorage, AK at Davis & Mathis PC, you'll be able to navigate any statutory requirements with knowledge and confidence.

Our skilled lawyers will help you understand the probate process while ensuring the terms of the decedent's will are fulfilled.

What Probate Entails

Probate is a word used to describe a legal process that occurs following someone's death. After a person passes away, the first step would be to determine if a probate is needed. The court must prove his or her will to be valid; otherwise, any dealings with the estate cannot proceed.

The probate process often includes the following steps:
  • Prepare documents to be filed with the court to appoint a personal representative
  • Inventory estate assets
  • Pay outstanding claims and taxes
  • Distributing property as stated in the will
In the absence of a will, state laws of intestacy would apply. All related paperwork and court appearances fall under the process of probate administration. Likewise, the management of wills, trusts, estates, and executor duties also represent important pieces in the whole of probate law.

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obtaining professional PROBATE administration

Since each state has different probate laws and since wills can be subject to interpretation, it's essential to obtain professional help for probate administration. Whether you are the personal representative of the will or a devisee, you'll benefit from the knowledge from a fair and skilled lawyer who can manage each step of the probate process.

Using Davis & Mathis PC, you can be sure that the probate administration will be done in a timely fashion. Call us at 907-561-4420 today.
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