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Probate Administration Services for Anchorage, AK

Davis & Mathis PC provides estate planning and sophisticated asset protection strategies. Whether you're interested in creating a will or trust or require experienced guidance with a probate issue, we can protect your assets and help you create a tailored estate plan for your family. When you need expert legal guidance, call Anchorage's most trusted team - Davis & Mathis PC. 


Having over 3 decades of experience in business and family law has given us the expertise to know how to avoid legal pitfalls common to individual estate plans. We'll work with you to create a rock-solid trust or will that will secure your assets for you and your loved ones. Don't trust your future to just anyone! When you need expert legal guidance call the best in Anchorage, AK, Call Davis & Mathis PC today!


If you're considering planning for your future, you should know your options. Our firm can help you set up a living trust, will, life estate, irrevocable trust and much more! Don't leave debt and headaches for your loved ones when you're gone! Give your family the security you'd want them to have. Call the will and trusts specialists at Davis & Mathis PC today!

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Navigating the labyrinth of estate planning law can seem daunting to anyone. Many people don't take into account how much tax may be taken from their assets or forget about unpaid debt still owed. Don't let your life's earnings and work go to the government, don't leave your family without any compensation! Call the estate planning guides at Davis & Mathis PC. We can ensure your assets get to the people you want and stay relatively tax-free. Call us today to learn more!
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